Our Company


STATUS IN – K. S. KOUVARAS & CO G.P. is active in the 

field of plexiglas construction and design since 1996 with great success.

The main factors that contributed to the rapid growth of the company and gave it a leading role in the market is the long experience, its expert staff, the most technological equipment with laser cutting, engraving and thermoforming machines, its reliable partnerships and its innovative applications and proposals.

The company’s rich in quality and quantity clientele vouches for the reliability and solvency as well as for

 the quality and durability of its products and the efficiency of its operations. We are always at your service for any further information or clarification about the material and its applications and we are willing to help you to present your products and ideas or decorate your space in the best possible way.Through your appreciation we derive the strength to continue and to offer you even more.


Sincerely yours,

Kouvaras Konstantinos